Articles on the Web

Chris & Terri Cantrell have published a number of articles on their web site. (Scroll down to "Clinic Notes") Many of these were originally published in the DRDC newsletter.

Jim & Barbara German wrote a series of articles on figure execution and technique. These were originally published in the DRDC Newsletter while they were education chairpersons.

Sandi and Dan Finch have posted, on their web site, several articles of interest to dancers

Richard Lamberty has written a series of very detailed articles called Understanding the Technique. Work through his "Categories" in the right column.

Gert-Jan & Susie Rotscheid have posted several articles on their web site, some of which are directed primarily to cuers, but others are of interest to dancers.

Michael & Regina Schmidt have a few articles on their web site. (Scroll to the bottom of the English page.) Of interest to dancers as well as teachers is Dance Technique - An essential part of modern Round Dance where they argue for shifting the emphasis from higher level dancing to higher quality dancing at all levels.

Harold & Meridith Sears have published quite a number of articles on their web site. Many of these have been written for the newsletters of various organizations. An outstanding resource.


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