Peg & John Kincaid

9231 Limestone Place

College Park, MD 20740

(301) 935-5227


Name of Dance Rhythm Phase Release Date Revision Date
A Song in My Heart RB III+1 Jun 2012  
A Thousand Eyes Cha III+2 Sep 2001
A Waltz to Skye Waltz III+2 Nov 2005  
Acapulco Cha IV+2 May 2011  
Addicted to Merengue Merengue III+2 Oct 2017  
Addicted to You Merengue V+2 Mar 2016 May 2016
Adeline III STS III+2 Sep 2010 Nov 2010
All the While Jive III+2 Sep 2005  
Always FT IV+1 Sep 2012  
Always and Forever STS III+2 Sep 2002  
Amame Rumba V+2 Sep 2007 Oct 2007
Amame IV Rumba IV+1 Jan 2008  
And I Love Him Bolero IV+1+1U Sep 2002 May 2004
Another Blue Monday WCS IV+1 Dec 2000 July 2001
Aphrodite Rumba IV+2 May 2005 June 2005
As Long As You Love Me Rumba IV+2 Jan 2016  
At Sundown TS II+1 Jul 2009  
At the Hop TS/SS III+2 May 2014  
Backfield in Motion Jive III+1+1U Jun 2011  
Bailamos Salsa V+2 May 2002 Apr 2004
Be Bop A Lula Jive IV Feb 2014  
Beauty and the Beast Bolero V+2   Sep 2004
Beauty and the Beast IV Bolero IV+2 Jun 2012  
Better When I'm Dancin' Merengue Merengue V+2 May 2017 Jun 2017
Bolero de Carnival Bolero V+1U Dec 2001
Boom Boom Merengue Merengue IV+2 Feb 2013  
Boot Scootin' Too TS II Mar 2007  
Breakaway Hesitation Canter WZ IV Sep 2012  
Bubbles in the Wine Foxtrot IV+2 Sep 2014  
Can You Read My Mind Bolero IV+2+1U Sep 2011 Nov 2011
Can't Help Falling Slow Two Step III+2 Sep 2014 Nov 2014
Carnival Bolero Bolero IV+1 Sep 2003  
Chariots of Fire STS IV+1+1 May 2013  
Cheap Thrills Salsa Unp Sep 2018  
Circle of Life Bolero III+2+1 May 2013  
Cup of Love Waltz III+2 July 2014  
Dancin' Like Lovers Waltz IV+2 Sep 2017  
Daydream TS II+1 Nov 2008  
Don't Get Around Much FT/JV IV+1 Sep 2007 Mar 2008
Eres Tu Merengue V+2+1U Sep 2012  
Eternal Flame Bolero IV+2 Mar 2014 May 2014
Even Now STS IV+1+2 Sep 2018  
Evergreen Rumba IV+2 Sep 2008 Jan 2009
Feel the Love Rumba IV Sep 2006  
Foot Tapper TS II Jun 2010  
Forever Greensleeves Waltz III+2 Aug 2003  
Foxtrot Dolly Foxtrot V   Sep 2001
Fresh Coat of Paint WC/TS III+2 May 2016  
Friends & Lovers Waltz III+2 Feb 2006
Go Away Little Girl Foxtrot III   Oct 2003
Grease Jive IV+2 Sep 2010  
Happily Ever After Rumba IV Nov 2009  
Happy All the Time TS II Sep 2012  
Hardly Quickstep TS/QS III+2   May 2003
Hello Again STS IV+1 Jun 2011  
Here to Eternity Bolero III+2+1U Sep 2017  
Hippo Cha Cha III Nov 2008  
Hippo 5 Cha VI Dec 2016 Mar 2017
Hips Don't Lie SB IV+1 Apr 2012 May 2012
Hot Hot Merengue Merengue III+2 May 2007 Jan 2016
Hungry Eyes Rumba IV+2 May 2015  
I Hope You Dance Bolero Bolero III+2 Apr 2001 Feb 2004
If the Love Fits Rumba III Aug 2013  
Iko Iko Merengue IV+1U   Apr 2008
I'll Take Manhattan Foxtrot III+2 May 2008  
Isn't It a Lovely Day FT V+2 May 2013  
It's D'Lovely Foxtrot III+2   Jun 2000
It's Impossible Rumba V+2 Sep 2017  
Julia Tango Mixed TG III+2 May 2009  
Just Us Chickens TS II Nov 2008  
Kisses in the Dark Waltz IV+2 May 2006  
La Bamba Mambo IV Sep 2010  
Layla WCS IV+2 Sep 2011 Nov 2011
Let's Get Loud Cha III+2 Sep 2008  
Let's Mambo Tonight Mambo III+2 Jan 2004  
Limbo Rock TS/SB III+2 Jul 1998 Jul 2010
Lola Wants You TG/TS III+2 Jan 2016  
Lucky Me TS/WCS III+2 Sep 2003  
Lullaby of Birdland Swing IV+2 May 2009  
Mambo with Me Mambo V+1+1U Sep 2014 Sep 2015
Mamma Mia Cha V+2=1 Sep 2013  
Mamma Mia III Cha III+1 Feb 2018  
Managua Nicaragua Foxtrot IV+2 May 2009  
Merengue Un Poco Merengue III+1 May 2006  
Miss You Tonight Waltz IV Jan 2000  
Moves Like Jagger Cha IV+1 Apr 2012  
Mull of Kintyre Waltz V+2 May 2011 Jun 2011
My Cup Runneth Over Waltz V+2 May 2014  
My Lady in Red Bolero V+1 Sep 2009 Oct 2009
Nosotros Rumba IV+2 May 2017 Jul 2017
Now or Never Rumba III+1+1U Dec 2003  
Oh Chihuahua Mambo IV+1U May 2015 May 2015
Oh What A Dance Cha III+2 May 2004  
One More Tequila Mambo IV+1U Sep 2009 Sep 2016
Our Perfect Year Bolero IV+2 May 2007  
Paparazzi Cha IV+2 May 2010  
Paparazzi III Cha III Mar 2012 Mar 2012
Peg Of My Heart Cha V+1 May 2008  
Pocketful of Miracles Foxtrot III+2 Sep 2013  
Return to Skye Waltz II Feb 2009  
Rhythm 'N Blues TS II+1U Feb 2004  
Rock-a-Bye Blues Jive IV+1 Jan 2000  
Rock Around the Clock TS II Jul 2010  
Rubberneckin' Cha III+2 Feb 2014  
Rumba Karabali Rumba VI Sep 2001  
San Antonio Rose TS II Oct 2006 Mar 2007
Shut Up and Dance Cha IV+1 May 2015  
Si Senor Cha V+1+2U May 2005  
Side by Side Foxtrot III+2 May 2017 Jul 2017
Skye Waltz V+2 May 2004 Nov 2004
Sleep Walk STS III+2 Jan 2012  
Slow Walk Mixed II+2 May 2005  
Smokey & The Bandit Cha III+2 Aug 2016  
Snowgirl TS/QS IV May 2018  
So Close to You FT/JV IV+2 May 2004  
Soft Summer Breeze Foxtrot III+2 May 2011 May 2011
Sway Me Now Rumba III+1+1U Mar 2010  
Take It Back Again WCS V+1+1U May 2003  
Thank You Thomas Edison Cha III+1 Nov 2006  
The Blob TS II Oct 2010  
The Gift Bolero III+1 Dec 2005
The Promise Rumba IV+2 Sep 2013  
The Show FT IV+2 May 2015  
The Witch is Dead Jive IV Oct 2011 Oct 2011
Theme From Superman Bolero IV+2 May 2016  
This Haunted House Foxtrot III+2 Oct 2010  
This I Promise You RB V+2 May 2012  
Thriller Cha Cha III Oct 2009 Nov 2009
Thunderball Tango III+2+1U May 2015  
Tico Tico Mambo MB IV+2 Jul 2018 Jul 2018
Tiptoe Through The Tulips TS II Oct 2007  
Tonight We Dance TS II Dec 2005 Feb 2007
Touch Me When We're Dancing Rumba IV+2 May 2011 Jun 2011
Treat Me Nice TS II Feb 2003  
Trinidad Mambo IV+1U Jan 2001 Jan 2001
Two Hearts Tango TG III+2+1U May 2012  
Una Vez Rumba III+2 Jun 2002  
Under the Bridges Waltz IV+2 Apr 2010 Jul 2010
Under the Sea TS/SB IV Sep 2005 Sep 2005
Under the Sea II TS II Nov 2008 Feb 2009
Vida Loca Salsa V+2+1U   Sep 2008
West Coast Walk WCS IV+2+1U May 2002  
What It Takes Jive III May 2003  
When You're Smiling FT/JV IV+2 May 2016  
With A Kiss Bolero III+1 Jun 2006  
Woman in Love Rumba IV+2+1U Sep 2012  
Y Amor Rumba IV+2 Sep 2014  
You Are Love Rumba V+2 Sep 2005  
You Belong to Me Foxtrot V+2 May 2006  
You Belong To My Heart Rumba IV+2   Sep 2002
You Make Me Happy JV IV+2 May 2012 Oct 2012
Your Cares Foxtrot III+2   Aug 2003
You're My Everything Foxtrot IV+2 Sep 2017  
You're The One That I Want Cha III+2 Sep 2007  
Yours Again Rumba III+1U Dec 2002 Jan 2003
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