DivX Instructions

DivX is a file format that offers good compression (smaller file size for downloads) and relatively good quality. The key component that must be installed on your computer is called a "codec", which decodes the video file for playback.

With the codec alone, the video files will playback in Windows Media Player. Optionally, you can install the free DivX Player and choose to use it for playback.

Download Instructions:

  1. Go to Download Divx
  2. Choose "Free Download". For Mac look on the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose "Save" and select a location on your computer.

Install Instructions:

  1. Run (double click on) the installer: "DivXInstaller.exe"
  2. When you reach the screen titled "Choose Components", uncheck "DivX Converter" and "DivX Web Player". This leaves "DivX Codec" and "DivX Player" with check marks. The Player is optional; install it if you wish. Technical types see note below.
  3. Finish the install.

To watch a DivX video file: Assuming you have saved the file to your computer, just double-click on the file name.


Technical Note: The extension of each DivX file has been set to "avi" which works and causes the file open into Windows Media Player. If you prefer, the extension can be changed to "divx" and the file will open into the Divx Player.